Adoption Australia 2013 Autumn Edition

In This Issue:

- How one waiting mum kept her groove on during the wait

- Top ten tips for attachment

- Parenting the Permanent Care child

- Understanding teenage development and the impact of adoption

- Returning to Korea

- Birth Country recipes from Thailand


Message from Adoption Australia:

It is amazing to think that one third of the year has passed and autumn is already here.  

We would love to hear how you and your family have been spending 2013 so far.

In this edition we look at the numerous “angles” of adoption and permanent care. We begin with a personal story from an adoptive mum who reflects on the waiting period and how she and her husband survived. A therapist and a permanent care mum give their tips on that special (and sometimes trying) period of attachment. Teens are the natural progression from here and in this edition we look at teenage development and the impact of adoption and next edition we will focus on communicating with your teenabout adoption. Deb Pickering and her husband recently returned to Korea with their 11 year old son and she has shared their heart-warming story about their first trip back since Jai’s adoption some ten years ago.

Please continue to contribute to our magazine with your photos, reviews and stories as we are sure readers are enjoying the personal contributions as much as the editorial team is.

Thank you to all those “KIDZ” who submitted their beautifully coloured Chinese dragon masks for our summer competition. De Ang Renfree and Elly Schell were our lucky winners of Smiggle packs and we hope they are enjoying their prize.

Warm Regards, Bron Lucey

On behalf of the Adoption Australia editorial team