Adoption Australia 2013 Summer Edition

In This Issue:

- The inspiration behind the prosperous future school

- Information for parents to consider sharing with their child’s teacher

- Spotlight on sensory processing disorder

- Listen! The story of a proud adoptee and adoptive mum

- An Adoptee's Perspective: 10 things adoptive parents should know


President's Report:

Welcome to 2013 and our new look magazine!

This year marks the start of a new editorial team. We are very grateful to the enormous efforts of the people who began this wonderful publication, and we will be working hard to ensure it grows, while maintaining the highest production standards.

We encourage you to contribute to the magazine to make Adoption Australia YOUR magazine and a keepsake for your children. We want to create a community where we share ways to celebrate adoption and our families, as well as the latest research and facts in adoption and permanent care. The magazine is a forum to celebrate not only the adventures and accomplishments, first days of school and other special milestones, but recipes, book and film reviews, research and more from as many families as possible in our community and from across Australia. We would love to hear from you and your family throughout the year, so please keep the contributions coming in.

This edition sees the introduction of a new section just for kids. Please share our new ‘4KIDZ’ section with your children. Encourage them to celebrate their birth cultures: send us their ‘profiles’ and tell us about their birth cultures and enjoy the craft activities—not to mention give winning one of our prizes a shot!

Oprah’s not the only one to have those ‘light bulb’ moments; this happened recently for my husband and I when we read a book on Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), which is a complicated neurological condition. The article sent chills up my spine, as though the author was in our home writing about us! Learning more about SPD has helped us understand why our son may react the way he occasionally does. In this edition we look at an overview of SPD with some practical tips for helping you and your child cope with common triggers, together with a reading list in the event that the overview provides a ‘light bulb’ moment for any of you.

We are fortunate enough to have contributions from two adult adoptees this issue. Christina Romo kindly provides an adoptee perspective on what she feels adoptees want their parents to know.  We also have the benefit of Kim Mowle, who opens up to us from the quite unusual perspective of someone who is both an adoptee  and an adoptive mum! Both Kim and her son were born in Thailand so this is sure to be a perspective that captivates many readers.

We trust you will enjoy this Summer 2013 edition of Adoption Australia and we look forward to your feedback and contributions throughout the year.


Bron Lucey on behalf of the Adoption Australia editorial team